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Tempe-based, brand and web design company for small businesses & entrepreneurs with a story to tell.


The Group


We are creative problem solvers and strategic thinkers who specialize in making things more awesome for you, your customers and your business. Your the industry experts and people with the ideas; we just help bring those ideas to life. 


Our Core Values


We are loyal, dedicated and committed to our core values which our clients can expect every time, all the time.


Overview of Services



Posters, Flyers, Brochures 

Business Cards & Collateral

Stat & Process Infographics



Research & Analysis

Standards & Messaging

Identity & Development


New Builds or Tune-Up’s

Payment & Billing Integration

Appt. Scheduling Integration


The Process


We firmly believe that if it’s not broke don’t fix it and if it doesn’t have to be complicated then lets not make it. We’ve found that provided we keep communication open, operate with transparency and always have clear project goals set - we end up in the green and everyone is happy.

The Longer Version

Project Review

We’ll meet to review the project requirements and discuss all the conditions (via video, phone or in-person). When and if both sides like what they hear, we’ll agree on how to best proceed and schedule our first project workshop (usually a week or less from the review).


Workshop time is used to discuss strategies and approaches to get us where we need to go. Aeiou will present mockups (usually 2-5 screens) of design ideas and concepts. There can multiple workshops if needed. We want to ensure you feel the proposed solution 100% meets your need. Once we’ve agreed on the deliverables and we get the green light it’s design time and the project officially kicks-off.

Design & Implementation

For larger jobs we work towards the first milestone and for smaller (graphic design-type) requests it’s typically a dash straight to the finish. We’ll have a check-in meeting at each milestone to review the website live and we’ll also need your signature to advance the project forward.

QA & Completion

Our final quality assurance check right before go-live ensures everything is on point and is exactly what you want. We’ll test across devices, screen resolutions and web-browser. Once we have the go-ahead we’ll move the site to production and the project will conclude.

The Owner


Prior to starting aeiou in June of 2018, Brian spent the last nine years in digital healthcare where he had the honor of helping launch two successful startups. Brian’s completed hundreds of successful projects over the course of his career as well as a handful of key product launches. Some of Brian’s previous clients include the Veteran’s Affairs, Arkansas Children’s, AXA-Assistance, Advocate Health & UC Davis.

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